November 03, 2017 Beyond1435
Official Press Release



Beyond1435 is shifting to a unique open innovation platform through the combination of assets, capital, and industry-expertise of ALBA Group, Bombardier Transportation, Deutsche Bahn AG, Siemens AG, Swiss Federal Railways (SBB AG) and TUI Group. The resources of Beyond1435 are shared with the world’s leading mobility and logistics startups sourced by Plug and Play or directly from the partner’s portfolios.

The anchor-partners have agreed to collaborate on eye-level with several startups that have a focus on smart cities, mobility, logistics and travel. Each partner plans to leverage their respective technology and industry expertise to collaborate with startups and bring value to the industry.


Through Beyond1435, startups can implement and test their technologies with one or several industry partners. We offer the startups professional mentoring and access to a global network, models and data to help them execute successful pilot projects.

The platform enables an entirely new approach for all partners to demonstrate a serious commitment to joint business development initiatives with startups. Beyond1435 is the intersection of corporations, startups and venture capitalists, the single point where these stakeholders meet to shape the future of mobility and logistics.

The open innovation platform creates value for all parties. In addition to reducing complexity and increasing agility, the partners provide markets, assets and expertise to startups, giving them the chance to scale faster with the industrial resources and venture capital of Beyond1435. Thus, the future of mobility and logistics will be designed jointly with the strength of a corporation and the agility of a startup.

Deutsche Bahn AG and the innovation platform Plug and Play created Beyond1435 in the beginning of April 2017. The strategic alignment was intensified after completion of the accelerator program in August 2017.

If you have any questions or if you are interested in receiving further details regarding our open innovation platform, please don’t hesitate to contact Brittany Salas (