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The future of mobility and logistics is being built today, powered by Deutsche Bahn, Europe’s largest transportation company and Plug and Play, the world’s biggest innovation platform. Together, some of the most prominent stakeholders in transportation and logistics, will combine resources to provide startups with tools they need to build their visions.


We make the future happen faster.  Beyond1435 looks for the most disruptive startups, matches them with the corporations interested in launching pilot projects, invests in the most promising ideas, and provides expert mentorship along the way. A new era of transportation and logistics begins with Beyond1435.


The name combines DB’s heritage with the shared mission to go forth. 1435mm is the standard gauge when it comes to railroad tracks. In order to cope with a growing population and rapidly advancing technology, transportation and logistics as we know it must change. Beyond1435 aims to propel this transition and create tomorrow’s standards by going beyond today’s limitations.

Hey, startup entrepreneurs: Let’s get things moving!

If your startup has the capacity to scale quickly then Beyond1435 is your next step to world domination.  Let us help you bring your prototype to market.  We are looking for startups that will raise the industry standard in transportation, logistics, and infrastructure. This includes applications in the following areas:

  • Smart City
  • Smart Mobility
  • Smart Logistics

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Take the fast track to growth with Beyond1435.

  • A world class program to shake things up.

    A global network of mentors and regular networking events will help you succeed. Build relationships with experienced entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and corporate innovators to reach your next milestone.

  • Business development, investment, and industry expertise.

    Plug and Play knows how to write startup success stories. Deutsche Bahn, Alba, Bombardier, SBB and Siemens provide industry know-how and data assets in transportation and logistics.

  • Biz Dev Nexus

    We respect your time. We will tell you exactly when to be in Berlin for the most valuable events and introductions.

  • Start in Berlin and hustle in Silicon Valley

    After Berlin, bring your company to Silicon Valley by utilizing office space at Plug and Play Tech Center in Sunnyvale, California or join one of Plug and Play’s 14 different verticals.

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  • NEXUS 1

    starts 9th October 2017
  • NEXUS 2

    starts 30th November 2017

    starts 5th December 2017
  • NEXUS 3

    starts 12th February 2018
  • EXPO

People Meet the people
who’ll help you succeed:


Birgit Bohle

Chairwoman of the Management Board
DB Fernverkehr AG


Dr. Ralph Körfgen

Chairman of the Management Board
DB Vertrieb GmbH


Antje Neubauer

Vice President Marketing
Deutsche Bahn AG


Dr. Manuel Rehkopf

Group Representative for Strategy, IT and Digitization
Deutsche Bahn AG


Markus Sontheimer

CIO/CDO & Member of the Board of Management
DB Schenker AG


Dr. Eberhard Kurz

DB Group - Deutsche Bahn AG

U Schuetze-Kreilkamp bw

Dr. Ursula Schütze-Kreilkamp

Head of Personnel Development, Group and Corporate Executives
DB Mobility Logistics AG


Mathias Hüske

CDO & Member of the Board
DB Vertrieb GmbH


Sylvia Lier

Chief Executive Officer
DB Passenger Transport


Martin Kaloudis

CIO Infrastructure / Head of Telecommunications - Transport and Logistics
Deutsche Bahn AG

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Airmada lease automated drone ground stations that eliminate the need for drone operators. Airmada was founded by MIT alumni and participated in YC.

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myki is the first solution that completely replaces passwords in the enterprise. By using the myki app on their smartphones, employees can access any account on any device with their fingerprint.

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My Voice

My Voice

Secure your digital and physical world by deploying our biometric platform. MY VOICE is a user recognition platform based on voice acoustics analysis and audio-visual identity verification.



Naventik is the startup company for automotive satellite navigation in safety critical applications. The GNSS system PATHFINDER is their solution for vehicle automation and autonomous driving.

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Data Integration as a Service: XapiX helps enterprises boost sales and partner engagement by opening easy-to-integrate digital services from their legacy systems.

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Beyond1435 is located at Mindspace. Berlin is the epicenter of Europe’s startup ecosystem. The city embraces prototyping the future, thrives on bold ideas, and boasts an energy that’s hard to rival.

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For startup queries, please contact Andy Toth.

For corporate queries, please contact Felix Scheuffelen.

For press queries, please contact Marius Pigulla.

Alternatively, please use the contact form for any individual inquiries.